The Magic Marble

The title of this post was supposed to be “Will the Magic Come Back?” My question was answered while I prepped for this post.

Rose gave me a tiny fairy door and shrub for Mother’s Day. I used to do fairy blog posts, but have not done one in a long time. It has felt like the magic had left.

I lost my daddy you see. I have to be an adult now. I still talk to him. Sometimes when strange things happen I ask out loud “Was that you Daddy?” Of course, he does not answer.

This week I cleaned out some drawers at their house. There was a bag of marbles in Daddy’s dresser. The old kind with stripes. I put the bag back. I thought it odd that Daddy kept marbles in his top drawer.

Today, in my garden I found a striped marble in the place I had just prepped for the blog post “Will the Magic Come Back?”

I did not see the marble before. Maybe it was unearthed as I watered the stones to clean them for photographs for this post.

I would like to believe that the fairies and my Daddy were answering my question. YES! The magic is back.

You believe whatever you want.


A Message from the Fairies

I have been ignoring the fairies.

My mind has been on the pandemic, politics and bereavement.

To tell the truth, I was thinking all good magic had left the Earth.

As one of my friends puts it, “The Force has been disturbed.”

So I was pleased to find this purple mushroom

strategically placed by our trail in the mountains

where we would be sure to see it as we passed.

I have never seen the purple mushroom, ‘Viscid Violet Cort’,

so I knew immediately that it was from the fairies.

They have houses here in the mountains also, made of moss and stone.

They were letting me know all is not lost.

I was not sure if I was supposed to eat this message after seeing it,

so I left it to spread its spores.

Maybe next fall I will find a family of purple Cortinarius indes among the detritus of this terrible 2020.

My heart goes out to the fairies.

Take heart folks. There is still some good magic amongst us.



Playing Inside

People give me fairies as gifts. I have some new ones.


Lily and Rose have their own solar-lit houses.


It is sweet to see them glowing in the windows at night.

I adore my new Turtle and Dove set of fairies.


When I must stay inside, it is nice to have a little company to play with.





Fairies Celebrate Labor Day

The fairies wanted to have their own little cook out on Labor Day weekend.

I put Ruth in charge of the grilling.

They have fixed quite a feast. I am not sure humans should eat this.

I hope Ruth’s pancreas can handle it.

Oh good. She seems to be sticking with wine and cupcakes.

The fairies sure know how to have fun!

Happy Labor Day Folks and Fairies


A Tiny Winner

I planted this little wonder in one of the fairy gardens.


It is tiny but mighty.

It has bloomed all summer.

It is especially lovely today in our 90 degree heat.


The fairies must be taking good care it.

It is the prettiest little plant in the yard right now.


Superbells Doublette ‘Love Swept’ is a Proven Winner Calibrachoa hybrid.


A Fairy Fourth

American freedom is a thing to celebrate.

The fairies realized that a party was in order and planned a parade.

There were prizes awarded for the best decorated entries.

Carie the Tooth Fairy won for her bike decor.


Several floats were constructed.


Tink enjoyed riding on one of these.


Queen Mona decorated her carriage.


A patriotic tear drop trailer joined in.


Even the onlookers were in costume.


Wingrid stayed awake for the festivities.


Ruth lead the proceedings, of course.


My favorite entries were the little kids in wagons.



Happy Fourth of July!


Thanks to my friend Barbara S. for the parade idea.


Happy Birthday to my favorite little boy, Rudy A.


Happy Birthday America.



Fairy Egg Hunt with a Hitch

The fairies begged us to have an egg hunt over Easter weekend.

Ruth and I hid the eggs.

Tinker Bell brought cupcakes.


The Tooth Fairy brought Sundaes. I think she has a sweet tooth.


Rosebud insisted we serve tea.

Those Playmobil fairies wear their skirts too short for my taste. Baby don’t bend over!

The Queen was dressed in her best vinery. Looks like she’s been eating a chocolate bunny.


Poison Ivy is way too competitive. She brought a very large basket.


I loved Wingrid’s hat. It was just her color. (literally)


I did wish that Ruth had not kept pointing out where we hid the eggs.


A chipmunk showed up.

He spent most of his time finding the food. No surprise there.

When the finders are also fliers, the sky is the limit as far as hiding places go.


I am not sure what happened?


Our egg hunt turned into a chick rescue.


I should have known not to use those magic eggs!

Happy Easter Peeps