Fairies Hire PI

When some serious snooping is needed, it may be necessary to hire PI.

No, not a Private Investigator, I mean a Super Hero.

Poison Ivy

She was here almost immediately to investigate the strange mushrooms.

She valiantly removed them from the nook in the fairy tree.

The she did a quick analysis to determine their toxicity.

They weren’t poisonous at all.  Actually, they were quite delicious.

PI then tracked down the Garden Ghoul.

Turns out she was checking the fairies out to see if THEY would make good neighbors.

Her name is Wingrid.  She hopes to move into Fernland under the fig tree.

Poison Ivy and Wingrid spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the stump discussing mushroom growing and sauteing methods.  They both use coconut oil.

Let this be a lesson to all of us.

Just because someone has extra arms, blue skin and no underpants, doesn’t mean they won’t make a good neighbor.

Welcome to the neighborhood Wingrid.

(But children, you still need to lock the door, wear clean underwear and not eat wild mushrooms.)





The Poison Ivy package says “vines included.”

It is a pesky tiny piece that I immediately lost in the yard and had to go back and search for.

This should be another tiny piece for the “magic box.”

All her joints seem to be ball-and-socket, so she is very pose-able. I am not sure how these tiny joints will hold up with much use. Also, her skirt makes it impossible for her to sit down. (Reality!)  I had to roll it up out of the way for the sitting pose. At least she had on undies.


Trouble Visits Fairyland

Oh yes, there’s trouble!  With a capital G.

A garden ghoul has been seen wondering around in the fairy garden.

I hope the fairies keep their door locked.


She is making herself right at home.


Checking out everything.


I hope she’s not thinking of moving into the neighborhood.


Whoa! Get that chick some undies. (Look away children.)


Oh good. It looks like she is leaving.


Wait. What is this?  Mushrooms? She planted mushrooms in the fairy tree.


I bet they are poisonous.

Oh yes, there’s trouble!




There are three of these by Monster High.( Beetrice, Lumina and Wingrid )The other two (not my Wingrid) only have two arms. Some tiny accessories may need to be stored in a “magic supplies box.”

If I were a fairy..

If I were a fairy, I would live in a big oak tree.

I would have a slate patio to have parties on.


I would have a garden full of tiny flowers like…



Little Lantern ColumbineIMG_7894

Fire Spinner DelospermaIMG_7903

Salvia nemorosa, ‘New Dimension Rose’IMG_7866

Sagina subulata, Irish mossIMG_7879

Wild fernsIMG_7880

with moss and lichens and lovely rocks for my friends to sit on.IMG_7870

I would have an urn full of Lily of the valley and violet blooms.IMG_7872

I would leave out a basket of treasures for children to find.IMG_7867

I would have a bowl full of cool water for my tiny, thirsty friends.IMG_7874

I would have a whirly-gig with the colors of the rainbow to spin in the breeze.IMG_7871

I would have a gazing ball with the colors of the Earth, so I could dream of all the places I have not been…yet.IMG_7865

If I were a fairy, I’d live here.


Wouldn’t you?


The Most Magical Plant of All

If there were an official plant of the fairies, I bet it would be the foxglove.

They are magical plants.  They sow their own seeds. They change colors.

Even their flower shapes morph from year to year.

They seem to know where they belong and what form is needed.

Or is it the fairies that do it?

Every year I anticipate some surprises from my Digitalis purpurea.

This year there were several.    Some pinks got pinker.

Some whites turned half pink.

Some flower tubes got longer and narrower.


Some seeds sneaked into the bunny yard to germinate and had to be moved.  They are poisonous.

Foxgloves are so charming, they must be magic.


My Friend the Fairy

My friend is a fairy, but she doesn’t know it.

The fairy and her Cardoons in June.

She collects fairy dolls


and fairy statues


and fairy art.


She reads books about fairies.

She has a fairy garden in the woods beside her farm.

There are fairy houses,


fairy towns,


fairy tea sets,


and fairy shoes.

She points out where the fairies have been.
Under this fern, up this tree, upon this vine.


She says she believes in them, which I think was funny… coming from a fairy.

All her friends have an awareness of her fairiness.

Her cat knows purrfectly well that she’s a fairy.

Her dogs are charmed, I’m sure.



She raises chickens in a carousel castle.


I bet they lay golden eggs.


Her flowers and herbs grow like Madgic.


She is surrounded by magic everywhere, but doesn’t realize that it all comes from her.

How can she not know that she has wings?


FLOWER, friend of a fairy.

An Afternoon Among Fairies

I spent a lovely afternoon with one of my favorite people on Earth today.

My next post will be about her.  This one is about her fairies.


Although it is January, we spent much of our visit outside.


She has a fairy garden in her woods, you see.


It is both beautiful and magical.


My friend is like sunshine.  Her fairies/faeries and garden are enchanting.


I hope you enjoy seeing her tiny friends.


This one is my favorite, due to the bunny.


FLOWER and Fairies.