The First Twinkle

If you want to see the magic as it appears, you must pause at dusk.

As the sunlight splits into its various colors and those fade and darken toward grey,


there are moments of both light and darkness combined

that show the shape of things as they shadow.


That is when lights give their first magical twinkle.


I saw it all last night at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont.


I was there for the holiday lights, but got a glimpse of magic


here and there among the gardens.


Happy New Year


My New Neighbor

I have a new neighbor.

I have not seen it yet, but I have been finding evidence.

For weeks now its excavations have progressed.

Side entrance along block wall.

My new neighbor is both smart and industrious.

It has moved into my cold-frame where it is warm and dry.

It has three separate entrances and exits for safety.

Uncovered side entrance for a closer look.

It is like a little city in there.  This critter is like a little engineer.

There are tunnels and piles of dirt and rocks.

Back entrance that leads to long tunnel along wall.

There is bedding material and plant materials for snacks.

Front entrance between block and post.

I have been watching and waiting.

Long tunnel behind heat pump.

I hope it is a weasel.

Stay tuned.


Decorating a Tree

I love all trees.

At Christmas we cut a fresh tree and bring it in to decorate it.


I love tiny trees with tiny ornaments.


I admire big trees covered in lights.


Trees decorated with handmade ornaments bring back memories.IMG_6275


A tree full of teacups reminds me of my Gran, who collected them.



Of course I would like any tree decorated with rabbit ornaments.


But by far,

my favorite kind of tree

is one filled with




I Need Less

I have been blessed with many things, but I need less.

I have too many books and plants and clothes.

No. I am not rich, but this stuff is in my way.

Like anchors crowding the deck of my ship.

I decided all this while I was sick.

That’s when the visions come.

I am trying to get somewhere, but must carry everything,

or pile it up in a wheelbarrow that keeps falling over because it is full.

As I lay in my bed, I thought of all those nice empty Amazon boxes,

perfect for hauling away too much past and too many presents.

Do not give me anything for Christmas….PLEASE.

What I really need is less.

These belongings are burdens.


Happy Hippeastrum

I am always glad to see the lovely blooms of

my annual Amaryllis.


This year it is the lovely Apple Blossom.

It has delicate pink venation and shimmering white in its petals.


Such simple markings.  Uncluttered.   Subtle.

My holiday begins when my Hippeastrum blooms.



Forcing Some Spring

I am trying something new this winter, besides my usual Amaryllis and Paperwhites

I purchased some bulbs that needed rescuing from a big box store at 50% off.

The poor babies were starting to sprout in their bags.

I planted them all in one pot and have put them into the cool dark corner of the workshop.


These three would not normally bloom together, but I thought that white Navona lilies surrounded by Orange Queen tulips and light blue  Chiondoxa forbesii would make a lovely combination.


In early March, I will pop them into some warm sunshine inside and hopefully be rewarded with a pot of early spring color.

In the meantime, I will enjoy thinking about them waiting for spring,

just like me.



Trying to like Winter

It’s hard for the FLOWER to stay inside.

I do not like the cold, but I will be forcing myself outside.

Today, I did the usual yard and woods tour with my camera.

I did find deer tracks,


and two beautiful mushrooms,


and many red berries on my Foster Holly,


and the perfect spot to eat acorns (apparently).


I also discovered some things missing

in the green patch.


This did not upset me. I am happy to help my neighbors.

The eaten off stems made me smile.


Somewhere in the woods, the owner of these tiny hooves has a full belly.



Cover Your Ears

Well actually, by now it is really cover your tubers.

Elephant ear leaves got bitten off by the first freeze.

Now, it is time to protect the mama tuber and her baby sidekicks(pups).

I sometimes dig some up to store inside my workshop, but since it is all ready full I am risking losing some of my Colocasia collection.

I did bring in some baby Coffee Cup /Colocasia escuelenta shoots earlier.

I only have one bunch of Mojitos now, so I covered them really well.

Be sure to not only mulch around the stems, but also between the stems.

There have been years when I did not mulch at all.

What usually happens is the big mama turns to pink mush, but some of the deeper baby tubers survive. These take years to get as big as they were previously.

Don’t forget your bananas. They should be in a ring of mulch also.

Cover your ears. Here comes winter.



Cold and Restless

I have been out assessing my plants to see what preparations need to be done before the next blast of cold settles in.

But that is not where my mind was. My thoughts were on the changes coming.

Not in the weather, but in the course of my life.

I always thought that when you got to a point in your life when you were in the right place, doing the right thing,

that you would have peace.

I have been searching for this. I asked myself as I trudged up the hill,

“When will I feel at peace?”

As I finished my question, I looked down at my long-awaited, White by the Gate.

I felt peace for an instant. It was like an answer, but not the one I wanted.

Peace will never be a period, it will be moments of guidance

to let you know that whatever gave you that peace is right.

Restlessness is also a guide, to keep you moving and changing and trying.

Restlessness is the rod and peace is the green pastures.

I guess this FLOWER is not finished.  She has more to do.

My path has not been found yet.

I will keep searching.