When Everybody Leaves

When everybody leaves

and you are alone with yourself

will you be quietly content

with who you are?

Can you keep yourself company?

Will you know your own voice?

Will you be solid or hollow?

Will you have the strength to sit quietly alone

or will you feel the need to leave yourself

and seek other company?

Everybody leaves.

Who will you be then?



Outside my Garden

The seasons change and there are surprises in my garden,

but I know this place like the back of my hand.

I can close my eyes and walk around my garden as I fall asleep.

This place is part of me. The nurtured part. The cared for part.

There is harmony and balance.

Outside my garden is an alien place.

It’s noisy and crowded.

There are people who puzzle me and noises that scare me.

I have been spending a lot of time outside my garden lately.

The outside world exhausts me.

I smile through the fear. I watch in wonder.

I try to focus amongst the chaos.

Why must I shop with loud music?

Why are folks rushing and rude?

There is angst and anger outside my garden.

I must be brave.

I wear my armor.

When I get home, I will relax.

I will water my plants and watch my little friends.

I will slow down. I will pause. I will pray.

Thank God for my garden.

My heaven.

My haven.


The All-In Mama

These tiny plants transform themselves every fall.

They change from little rosettes to tall towers.

Most plants just throw up a stalk of flowers,

but this little succulent turns into a mama stalk.

I watched a bumble bee climb the flower towers over and over yesterday.

I do not know its name.¬† I just call it “Ghost Rose.”

I hope a reader can help me identify this “All-In Mama.”


Jack O’Lanterns on a Stump

I found a surprise while hiking in the mountains last week.


How lucky to find a lovely grouping of Jack O’Lantern mushrooms on a fall afternoon.


These orange Omphalotus olearius may look yummy, but they are poisonous.

These were perfectly positioned right beside the trail.


I have heard that the gills glow green in the dark, but I have never seen this.

The leaves had not transformed to their lovely fall colors yet here in North Carolina.

I am glad the Jack O’Lanterns stepped in to add color.




Worth the Water

I have had to water these dahlias during the drought.

I knew if I could just get them through to cooler weather

they would return to their glorious blooming condition.

I have been rewarded for my efforts.

They have pulled through and prospered.

Definitely worth the water.


Pink Plumes

We have been in a drought here in North Carolina.

I have had to water to keep most plants alive.

My Muhly grass did not need me.

This lovely Florida native is drought tolerant.

Its pink plumes add much needed color in October.

For my Lutheran readers, Muhly is short for Muhlenberg.

It is named after a Lutheran minister/ botanist Henry Ludwig Muehlenberg from the early 1800’s.

Muhly grass is a super star, rain or shine, in October.



Balloons and Confetti

This vine is a party.


Its name is Cardiosperma halicacabum due to its seeds with hearts on them.

It has lovely tiny flowers that remind me of confetti.


It is grown for its pods that resemble balloons.


Each pod contains three seeds with a white heart on each.


I love this vine for its blooms, pods and seeds.



Stick to Shrub

Back in March I posted about a stick I purchased from a local nursery.


Mr. Flower saw it as an expensive stick, but I saw more.

I saw lush green leaves covered with dew drops.


I saw speckled bark the color of cinnamon.


I saw white tight buds that will turn into yellow chandeliers in winter.


My visions have come to fruition.


This is what brings me joy.

My Edgeworthia / Chinese Paper Bush a treasure.



Yellow Umbrellas

I spied some yellow umbrellas under a Key lime tree.


If I were a fairy, I would have sat under one to drink lemonade.


Since I am only a busy human, I had to continue with my menial tasks.


But I can dream while I work

of sitting under a yellow umbrella


beneath a Key lime tree

Lemon-yellow Lepiota/ Lepiota lutea

drinking lemonade in the shade.