Two Tiny Vines

I love my vines. I have tried many types. These two are keepers.

Red Cypress Vine/Ipomoea pennata stays small and is easy to train to any trellis.

It resows itself. Its feathery leaves are lovely.

The red blooms are gorgeous in any light.

Red Cypress Vine/ Ipomoea pennata

My other favorite is Love in a Puff/ Cardiospermum halicacabum.

Love in a Puff/ Cardiospermum halicacabum

Its flowers are tiny white with yellow centers.

I love the puffy seed pods which contain three seeds.

Each black seed has a white heart on it.

I have heard this vine can be a pest below Zone 6, but it behaves itself here in North Carolina.

These two get along well together on our lamp post.


Shapeshifter Succulent

This tiny plant is a trickster. It looks like silver little rosettes from spring to fall.

Chinese Dunce Cap beginning to elongate.

Eventually it elongates into cones that are tall and will have tiny flowers on them in October.

There are several forms of Orostachys/ Chinese Dunce Cap. This one is O. boehmeri.

It likes full sun and dry conditions.

Flow nearing Fall

Lifesaver starfish Plant

This plant throws its parts around. No nearby pot is safe from a well tossed arm.

When this plant arrived from Logee’s, I sent back a complaint that the pieces were not even rooted yet.

Their short response was…It does not matter. Now, I know why. No roots needed. Neglect necessary.

Something must have signaled this Huernia zebrina /Lifesaver Plant to bloom now.

Huernia zebrina

Each pot, no matter its location, is blooming.

Its blooms are too perfect to seem real.

Huernia zebrina/ Life Saver Plant

It thrives on neglect with full sun and very little water.

This may be the perfect plant for you “Black Thumb” folks.


The Cutest Tomato

I have tried several new varieties of tomatoes this summer.

My favorite has been this ‘Golden Pear.’

Golden Pear tomatoes

The vine needs a lot of support because it is covered by fruits.

The chipmunks love them also.


Dahlia Row

There are some new beauties in the line-up this year.

These were introduced to me last fall by the famous pianist, Harold Brown of Bramwell.

The three new faces are Nonette, Cafe’ au lait and Kelvin Floodlight.

I ordered these from Old House Gardens.

The Kelvin Floodlight photo does not do it justice.

Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia

Cafe’ au Lait is even more gorgeous than I expected.

Cafe’ au lait dahlia

Nonette needed some extra water to make bigger flowers, but did not disappoint.

Nonette Dahlia

My heart still belongs to my three favorites Thomas Edison, Firepot and Snow Country.

Thomas A Edison Dahlia

Firepot Dahlia

Snow Country Dahlia

Dahlia Row has taken a lot of feeding, composting and watering BUT these blooms are worth it.



A Sun and a Star

Several sunflowers were not decapitated by the deer.

I was happy to see their bright faces.

It seems that this Mammoth Sunflower is having a conversation with this Texas Star Hibiscus.

Both plants are over five feet tall.

My grandmother had this hibiscus at her home.

My mom passed along some seeds to me.

I was happy to see a sun and a star enjoying a summer afternoon.


Phlox and Friend

The Orange Perfection Phlox is blooming despite the heat.

It loves to lean on the rocks and dangle its blooms.

My little friend seems to like it also.

Sweet little bouquets, just chipmunk size.

Orange Perfection Phlox