Flower Flotation

It is hard to put a value on my winter flowers. They are not expensive nor exotic. They are, however, treasures to me. I have to work to make it through winter. I must be part plant.

Poinsettia gift from three years ago. No dark treatments needed.

I need the sun. I am an outside dog. I must be under the sky, not under a roof. This winter has been kind so far, but cold will come. Then I will be inside trying to stay alive until spring.

Schlumbergera still blooming since early November.

My flowers keep me afloat. They brighten my rooms with their blooms. My colorful, little life rafts hold me up. The Schlumbergeras and amaryllis/hippeastrum save me until spring. For this I am grateful.

Amaryllis Santiago from Easy to Grow Bulbs


Hooray Holiday Display

Our family has been driving past this over-the-top display of lighted figurines each Christmas Eve for years. It is on the way to my parents’ house. We had always looked forward to this eclectric, electric holiday show as part of our Christmas Eve traditions…and then it disappeared.

We were sad that one of our bright spots during the holidays had vanished. We lamented its removal… until several weeks ago. I was driving home from running errands. I stopped at a stop sign and looked left. I could not believe it! There they were! All our beloved characters were in a new location. I immediately texted the good news to my family.

There was the choir in the bleachers.

There were the snowmen.

The Gingerbread Village.

The Dickensonian carolers.

The penguins and the igloo.

Many Santas and snowmen.

Polar bears and brown bears.

The Nativity was separated from the fray in its own display.

All our beloved characters had moved to our county.

Close enough to visit numerous times.

I even braved getting out of my vehicle to photograph the scene.

I hope these folks know how appreciated this yard full of light is to others.

Happy Holidays


I used to invite my friends over to play with glitter, glue and napkins, too.

We spent hours sitting around a table carefully tapping napkins onto sticky Christmas balls.

Laughter sent scraps and glitter into the air and everywhere.

The floor was a mess afterwards. I smiled as I swept.

There will be more glitter, glue and napkins, too.

But for now, I will hold each ball in my hands and remember my friends.


White Christmas Blooms

Flowers in December are so appreciated.

I have enjoyed a sunny afternoon under a quarter moon.

Wandering beneath the Mistle Toe.

Relishing the first bloom on ‘White by the Gate.’

Bending down to see the faces of the Paper White Narcissus thrown out years ago.

We may not have much snow in the south, but I love blooms in December.


Stow Away Spores

My house is full of plants now. I stay busy watering, turning and trimming them.

I was so happy to see these tiny mushrooms in the “Hibiscus Circus” pot by my couch.

They have sprouted by my favorite reading spot.

The entire pot has little colonies of different sizes.

This is the kind of surprise that makes me smile.

It is much more pleasant than finding dried up worms on the floor like last year.