They Love the Rainy Nights

We have had several good rains these past few days. The storm two nights ago was particularly long and drenching. It was also loud. No not the thunder…the local frogs and toads.

The cacophony of mating calls was constant and deafening. At one point an amphibian attached itself to the screen of my bedroom window(closed of course) which magnified his vocals. I laughed out loud.

Last night the chorus was totally silent. I guess the party had petered out. They did leave evidence of their activity in the koi pond.

I try to keep the fish well fed, so maybe a few eggs will be spared.

Some of the eggs have started to elongate.

A restless night is worth it to watch these develop into tadpoles…hopefully.

Amphibians love the rainy nights, but Mr. Flower does not.


Walk Softly

I must move carefully in the garden. There are friends underfoot everywhere.

Do you see it?

One of my most vivid memories as a young child is the murdering of a toad found in the sandbox at Mrs. Blythe’s nursery school. An older boy found the toad, tortured it and smashed it with a rock. He should have been sent straight to Jackson’s Training School or jail.

My sister and I took toad deaths very seriously. We had a graveyard in the woods where we buried the smashed flat, dried toads we found in the road. We would hold solemn funerals for the deceased. We also gave guided tours of our facilities to the neighbors, who I am sure were thoroughly amused.

So with this bit of childhood baggage, I fear the accidental death of one of my amphibious friends.

They are in every hole and hopping across every walkway.

When I burned weeds with my torch last night, I was on the lookout so as not to bar-b-que a little neighbor.

It’s hard to walk and work without worry when you have little friends underfoot.


A Sign with Legs

I was headed back inside with my camera without a proper post picture when

I was greeted at the threshold by a familiar voice from seasons past.

I had to follow the sound, which was coming from behind a sign on the porch.


Mortimer has returned and has taken up his old residence with a friend.


What a lovely surprise. I had been hoping he would return.


He may not have a chance to jump on our guests this year due to the pandemic.


I still expect some antics from the little friend who seems to feel right at home.


Wildlife is always welcome here.

Oh, happy day!



Almost Frogs

I was about to clean out the acorns from the pond,

when I noticed some had tails and were swimming!


What I was seeing weren’t acorns, but itty bitty tadpoles.

I have watched them develop this week.


They are almost frogs.

They have stopped swimming and have climbed out onto the floating leaves


to sit in the sun and absorb their tails.


These tiny little frogs are precious!


Flow loves frogs


Froggy Nights

High volumes of frogs with high volume calls are taking the nights by storm.

This has been the froggiest summer yet.

There are frogs on the walls and

frogs in the walls.

Frogs on the windows.

Frogs on the doors.

Frogs on the gutters.

Frogs on the rocks.

Frogs right under our bedroom window. (Mercy!)

It is beginning to feel like an invasion here.

There are frogs everywhere and more on the way.

Somebody Save Me!

Frog Mama Flow

Toad in a Trance

I suspect these high temperatures tricked my toad out of his torpor.

I am sure my snooping around weeding and cleaning also disrupted his winter rest.

He spent all day yesterday perched on this rock at the top of the wall.

I checked on him many times yesterday. He was unresponsive.

I did not touch him for fear he might plunge to his death, if disturbed.

He was still precariously perched last night when I went to bed.

This morning, I was pleased to find him in a less exposed location.

He has moved to a space between stones, not far from the hole he emerged from.

He still won’t look at me, maybe he blames me for early emergence. Typical toad attitude.



Wild Pond Party

I hate to be in such close proximity to so much promiscuity.

It’s my son’s fault you see.

He installed this new, fancy pond aerator

that lights up and blows bubbles.

Apparently, our amphibious neighbors find it irresistibly titilating .

For the past two nights, there has been raucous calling and continuous splashing outside our windows.

When we finally went out with flashlights to try to intervene,

we found revelers on and under every rock!

Frogs to the left of me, toads to the right…

Things were in such a frenzy, we were forced to retreat back inside.

The next morning, there was evidence of their activities floating all over the pond.

Yes, dear readers, eggs… by the hundreds.

This was a tad too much for a lady to witness.

These wild displays every night are rather shocking.  That underwater disco-ball may have to go.

I hope the frog fraternity has gotten its spawn out of it’s system.


The same goes for those horny toads!