Bulbs of Hope

When my garden starts shutting down, I have a ritual of planting bulbs for the future. I can think about them waiting patiently under the soil in their fresh holes as winter approaches and retreats.

There are many tasks that must be done to shut down a garden. The ponds must be cleaned and covered. The fire bowl needs to be tipped. Leaves must be raked. Acorns get blown into piles for my foraging friends. These tasks are necessary, but they signify an end.

I plant bulbs as an act of faith that there will be a spring with a beginning on the other side of winter. This small act gives me the hope I need to push through the darkness and cold.

I did not plant many bulbs this year. I ordered bulbs that I have not had here before. Just three Red Spider Lilies, two Magic(Surprise) Lilies and one Oxblood Lily. I read the instructions carefully. I marked each hole. I recorded what was planted where in my gardening journal.

Now comes the waiting. Some of these will not bloom for years. “Be patient with Mother Nature.” the papers say.

I need these little sites of hope sprinkled around underground.

FLOWER (prepping for dormancy)

My Three Devils

I want to begin by saying that I believe in the evils of man. I pity the plants that are given such names. These will be loved by me despite their assigned, evil names. As luck would have it, my next blog post will be about ‘Lucifer’ Montbretia. They are heavenly right now.

My friends, the Popes, delivered their last two Devil’s Tongue plants yesterday. They have purged them from their gardens. I am happy to be their new mama. I have a lovely spot for them picked out.

I put all three pots together for a photo.

The little sprout poking out in the pot to the right is the now infamous Amorphophallus konjac from earlier posts. It is to my great relief that the accidental castration did not kill it. https://floweralley.org/?s=Amorphophallus

The mishap was fortuitous because I never would have uncovered the ‘brain’ bulb had I not be concerned over its survival. https://floweralley.org/?s=Devil%27s+Tongue

I love the umbrella plume of foliage.

Amorphophallus konjac

The stem has unusual markings.

I will update you on the three Devils when they are settled in to their new home.


My Future will be Blue

I am planting blue flowers for the spring in memory of my daddy.

I have faith in the future despite the moody climate.

There will be beautiful blue to greet me when this winter ends.

I look forward to a new beginning. My daddy’s love will be there.

I have put these Muscari azureum bulbs in a protective basket (suet feeder).

Some bulbs seem to disappear here. I also surround bulbs with lava rocks for protection.

Notice the satellite cable encircled with rods and an orange chopstick.

Nothing is safe from my shovel. I mark bulbs with swizzle sticks the color of the future flowers.

Looking forward to a beautiful spring.

Keep the faith.


Seeing Stars

Starflowers are in full bloom today.


This variety of ipheion is named ‘Alberto Castillo.’


Some little forager gave this bunch a trim last week.


The petals have lovely green and brown stripes down their backsides.


I love seeing stars!



Daffodil Meme

I am a fan of variations on a theme.


I also like unusual daffodils.


Here are some of the many varieties blooming right now in my gardens.


They aren’t just yellow.


They aren’t  all mellow.


Some have trumpets. (Like Dizzy Gillespie)


I must mention that the cups are called coronas. (These are not contagious.)

They have divisions named for their cup type or lack of one or petal curvature or blooms per stem… (Look Knight, there’s twee!)


A daffodil by another name, is a Narcissus.




Tete a Tete Twins

I love anything blooming right now.

Yellow flowers are like spots of sunlight in the garden.


All daffodils are appreciated, but I do have a favorite.

The Tete a Tete bulbs form little bouquets.


They look this way because they have short stems

and because some stems hold twins.


This habit makes the bunch look like a bouquet.

Two cute is too cute!




Season Lessons

I appreciate the snow because I know I will miss its whiteness and brightness.

I celebrate in the white confetti falling and clinging to everything.

I listen to the rain with a glad heart.

I will miss its cool drops in the heat of August.

I wish the warmth of summer could stay in my bones through the chill of winter.

Each season has its lessons of gratefulness and faithfulness.

During winter, I have faith in spring.

I know that in the soggy, cold soil are future flowers.

Snowdrops, crocus, scilla, narcissus and tulips.

I know because I put them there. I planned for spring.

I believed in spring during a crisp and colorful fall many years ago.

Even in the cold, dark winter. I have faith in spring.

Everybody needs some spring in their heart.





Name this Angel

It’s been a tough winter so far.  I have not gotten to spend much time outside.

I walked around my yard today.  I took my camera, just in case.

I could not believe my eyes when I spotted this beauty.

What is it?  When did I plant it?

My records have turned up nothing. Could it be a Ziva in January?

Maybe it is an angel.

My angel would be a plant.

If you know its name, please let me know.

I will treasure it forever.

It brightened this day in a special way.