The Cutest Daffodils in the World

I have many daffodils.


Tall and short, yellow and white, white and white, orange and white and even some doubles.


I love them all, but one type always stands out the most and shines the brightest.


Even though it is the tiniest.


I love it that there are clusters of them all over my gardens.


My parents gave me a pot of them blooming one spring over two decades ago.

I have been dividing them and sharing them for over twenty years.


They are like little spots of sunshine.

Tete a Tete is the cutest daffodil in the world.


It is a miniature Narcissus. Its name comes from the fact that many stems have two flowers.

They look like they are having a little chat.


I would like to mention the unusual vase that belonged to a dear friend Beth.


It has a eight-parted,  fluted, clear glass vase and a silver stand decorated with roses.


She would love to know that I have shared it on my blog.



Bloomed Incorrectly?

Last month I posted photos of an Amaryllis blooming.

I expected it to be a peach color. I have many reds and whites.

I wrote to the supplier and told them that the bulb I ordered,

Amaryllis Exotica, had turned out to be a double red/white.


Their emailed reply stated that they were sorry

that the bulb BLOOMED INCORRECTLY and that they would ship another.


I just received an email that a new bulb was being shipped at no cost to me.

Now folks, really?

Why not admit that a person packed and shipped the wrong bulb?

Why blame the poor bulb?

What is this world coming to, when we blame a plant instead of a person?

Let’s admit that a mistake was made.

I will let you know if the new bulb BLOOMS CORRECTLY in a few months.




Underground Growth

Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

I have an example of a White Peruvian Daffodil/Hymenocallis festalis.


I planted one bulb last year.

It grew.  It bloomed.  Then it sat there all summer… I thought.

It is hardy to 10 degrees F, so I figured I had better bring part of it in for my stock plants.



I dug it up today.  There were 23 bulbs.


The other shocker is, I dug half of it up last month.

One bulb to 40+ within one year.


Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Sometimes you have to dig a little.

Pay attention. A lot goes on underground.





Bunnies out, Bulbs up

I have been telling folks that my bunnies are as big as the neighbors’ beagle. Now I have a photo to prove it. Thankfully, I had my camera with me photographing bulbs when this encounter went down.

Charlotte standing her ground.
Barley. To dig or not to dig? That is the question.
Alberto Costello Starflower
Anemone blanda

I spent every day last week sliding up and down the hills on cardboard.

No, not for amusement!     I’ve been digging weeds.

Spring is just around the corner in NC.  Wait for it………

Follow the Flower to spring.