First Tree of Life Revisited

I returned to my first Tree of Life to check on its changes since 2017. (See link below.)

Tree of Life

Most of the fungi was gone. Instead it was covered with lichens and mosses.

The bark and covering life forms were still soaking wet from a downpour the day before.

Water was actually traveling through the mosses and dripping onto the ground below.

The tree itself looked less alive but it was totally covered with other forms of life.

It was truly beautiful.

FLOW and Ebb

Tree of Life Two

I have found another Tree of Life located not far from the first.

Both are ancient sugar maples near a walking path that I frequent.

There is a variety of fungi tucked in its nooks and crannies.

The bark surface is covered with moss and lichens.

The mushrooms came and went each day.

My next post will be about Tree of Life One.

It is further along in the cycle of death and life.

FLOW and Ebb