Climbing Okra Again

Of all my posts about all my plants, who knew Climbing Okra would be the biggest hit?

Maybe it is that I offered seeds to my readers. (No more requests please.)

I am two years behind on my list for Luffa acutangula seeds.

Last year’s pods were feasted on by a tiny mouse.

I found it with its bottom sticking out of my largest pod.

I had to start two different sets of seeds this spring.

I planted the seedlings in three different locations.

I finally have a few pods big enough to eat.

No worries John P, Kevin K , Alley and Susan E , these first fruits will be saved for seed.

(You four can email your address to Nobody else please.)

I will let these pods get about a foot long, take them in to dry, then separate the seeds.

I will mail these out in October. No swaps or payments needed. I like to share.

All these gorgeous flowers in my garden and my most sought after plant is a luffa!


( I may post about the ants later. I must do more research first.)

Ground Cherries

I found this unusual, little plant at our favorite local greenhouse.

It looked like a potato but the tag said Ground Cherry ‘Goldie’.

I put it in a big pot near the entrance to keep an eye on it.

What a perfect spot for the source of my favorite snack.


This plant is a Physalis relative of Chinese Lanterns/Jack-o-LGround antern plant.


Its little yellow pods contain a juicy sweet berry.


The taste is like pineapple.


It has been dropping dozens of yummy fruits each day for weeks.

I read that it may reseed.

I hope so.