The Frozen Phase is Here.

It happened last night.

The elephant ears are drooping, the dahlias are black.

The banana leaves are brown and the Turk’s caps are gray.

The green has left the garden.

Another phase in the life of a gardener.

Clean up the frozen leaves and stems before they turn to slime.

Dig up tubers, corms, and rhizomes that now have no tops.

Pack them in peat moss, haul them in.

Sometimes I wonder.

What would I have done with all that time if I had NOT

followed this same routine over and over again each year?

My nails would be prettier.  Maybe my back wouldn’t hurt as much.

More traveling? More money? A career? A cleaner house? More friends?

No matter.  I have chosen my flowers.  My living rainbow.  My green children.

That has been my path.  My little world of tiny friends and flowers.

ALL these photos were taken yesterday, just hours before the freeze.

Many blooms were covered with frantic bees. CLICK on any photo to enlarge it.

(The feature image is a pumpkin bloom)

The Frozen FLOWER


Mona Lavender

My dear Plectranthus friend seems to be mealy-bug free after the musical cleansing.


All the attention lead to a growth spurt, then a potting up and a pruning.  Now it is almost as tall as the Exotica Amaryllis.


I love purple. Not only are its tiny blooms lavender and purple,


but the leaves have a dark purple underside.


This plant has spent the winter indoors by a sunny window.

It is a Zone 10 from South Africa. I am in Zone 7.




High Tech Plant Tag

No more plant research for me!

Now all I have to do is buy plants with QR codes on the tags.


Scan the code with my QR Code Reader App.


Then type in the plants’ name…


VOILA!   Instant information.

Now that I have shown you the tag, I will let you see the irresistible flowers.

Plectranthus  ‘Mona Lavendar’

Who could resist that tiny purple face?


What lovely little buds!


It is not cold hardy.   You know what that means?    Another plant in the house all winter.     Hooray!

FLOWER has a flower fetish.