Home to see Sarah

I was glad I made it home to see Sarah. She is one of my favorites of all time.

‘Sarah Bernhardt’ peony

I was relieved that I did not miss seeing her in that lovely pink she is known for.

Whenever I see anything fluffy and soothingly pink I think of her.

She is famous for her beauty and performance.

It is hard to notice anything else when Sarah is performing.

I am so glad I got home while she was still fresh and delightfully gorgeous.

Sarah Bernhardt will always be a favored star in my show.


The Beauty of Sarah B.

Sarah is beautiful all the time, from bud to bloom, in any light.

I don’t know how she does it. I guess that’s why she is famous.

She seems delicate, but powerful.

Her bud is like a glass marble, her bloom like a floating taffeta tutu.

Sarah Bernhardt peony

Whoever named this peony named her well, Sarah Bernhardt.


Double Trouble

I am a sucker for those heavy, double blooms. I love them despite their neediness.

Duchess de Nemours peony

They are the over-achiever flowers. They need extra care because they go for broke blooming.

Double bloom of Bill Troutman’s poppies

Rain wreaks havoc on them. Their poor little heads bow down with the water weight.

Duchess de Nemours peony

They need staking and shaking.

Sarah Bernhardt peony

Who can resist such extravagance?

My great grandma Pearson’s pink peony from Ohio

I will shake and stake every spring because these doubles are irresistible.

Karl Rosenfield peony


The Perfect Peony

I love all my peonies, but some are more demanding than others.

This one, Krinkled White, asks nothing from me.

I have two. One gets morning sun the other evening sun.

They have both burst into bloom. No feeding, watering or staking.

Krinkled White poeny

The buds blush as they open.

The krinkled petals bounce in the breeze.

I feel pure love for this perfect peony.


When Sarah Blooms

Peony season ends with Sarah, Sarah Bernhardt that is.

Her buds appear as large marbles on the ends of long stems.


The blooms open as delicate pink which makes me think of ballerinas.


The blooms are heavy and must be supported in case of a shower.


Sarah’s performance in the garden is last,


ending peony season with a flourish of pink.

A good actress always ends with a flourish!


Double, Double Toil and Trouble

It’s peony(Paeonia) time here in North Carolina.

I love all types.  Singles, semi-doubles and doubles.

Krinkled White Single peony

The doubles are trouble though.

Duchess de Nemours double peony

They have such heavy blooms that they have to be staked.  Otherwise they dip down to the ground, especially after a rain.

I keep a supply of green stakes with open-ringed tops for this purpose.

Peonies like full sun and well-drained acidic soil.  They do not like to be divided.

If you must, divide them in  the fall.  Plant shallow.   Side dress with compost.