The Sweetest Plant of Spring

I love all my plants, but some are easier to love than others.

This yellow Epimedium is a treasure. It requires only one thing, to be cut back in early March.

It likes shade. Can handle any water requirements, but appreciates moisture and light mulch.

The blooms are nothing short of magical. They are tiny, complex and delicate.

The yellow type blooms first. My white is compact, but worth bending down to admire.

The orange Epimedium blooms last. It is gorgeous.

Epimediums are hard to find, but worth the hunt.

Yellow Epimedium

Once you have one, you will understand why it is a favorite.


Fairy Wings

Sometimes magic is green. I consider the Epimedium a magical plant.

Someone else must agree, since one of its common names is “Fairy Wings.”

The blooms hang on thin stalks that are almost invisible.

I have four varieties yellow, orange, white and red.

Yellow is thriving under a shrub.

Orange is tallest of the four.

White is the smallest and blooms later.

My newest ‘Rubrum’ only had two red blooms, but is growing well.

Four colors of “Fairy Wings” in my garden. There has got to be magic here!


Epimediums near the Entrance

I have three Epimediums growing near the entrance to my home.

They are low plants with small flowers,

so I placed them where they will be better noticed.

Their tiny clusters of blooms may still be overlooked once the leaves emerge.

Their other names are barren wort or bishop’s hat,

but my favorite name for them is fairy wings.IMG_7772The wiry stems are so slender, that it appears as though the blooms are fluttering in thin air.These small plants add a lovely burst of color under shrubs.

Epimediums prefer shade and rich soil, but will tolerate dry conditions.They are magical.   Plant them where they can be appreciated,IMG_7801Even in the rain.




You Gotta Get An Epimedium

I love hundreds of types of plants.  I am in love with a dozen or so.

The twinkle in my eye during March belongs to my yellow Epimedium.

It peeks out from under a Pieris japonica bush and an Autumn fern.

Its butter yellow blooms dangle from wiry stalks like tiny lanterns aglow.

A perfect place for a fairy to read a book.

Even the leaves are lovely.