Fairy Wings

Sometimes magic is green. I consider the Epimedium a magical plant.

Someone else must agree, since one of its common names is “Fairy Wings.”

The blooms hang on thin stalks that are almost invisible.

I have four varieties yellow, orange, white and red.

Yellow is thriving under a shrub.

Orange is tallest of the four.

White is the smallest and blooms later.

My newest ‘Rubrum’ only had two red blooms, but is growing well.

Four colors of “Fairy Wings” in my garden. There has got to be magic here!


12 thoughts on “Fairy Wings

  1. Lovely flowers! I learned of a grower about an hour from me who specializes in Epimediums, unfortunately, due to Covid there have been no open days for 2 years. Maybe next year, fingers crossed.


  2. Your yellow and white ones are so dainty! Fairy wings describes them perfectly. I have a yellow one called “Frohnleiten.” It’s tough as furniture, and spreads steadily to the point I have to check around the edges of the patch. I have rubrum as well, but it’s not as eye-catching and gets overlooked. I’ll have to see how it’s doing this year.


  3. They are so pretty. 😉 I have an orange one for my new garden, waiting to be planted out still but almost flowering. I think some look like little UFOs and others like pixie caps. I love your white one. 😉

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