Epimediums near the Entrance

I have three Epimediums growing near the entrance to my home.

They are low plants with small flowers,

so I placed them where they will be better noticed.

Their tiny clusters of blooms may still be overlooked once the leaves emerge.

Their other names are barren wort or bishop’s hat,

but my favorite name for them is fairy wings.IMG_7772The wiry stems are so slender, that it appears as though the blooms are fluttering in thin air.These small plants add a lovely burst of color under shrubs.

Epimediums prefer shade and rich soil, but will tolerate dry conditions.They are magical.   Plant them where they can be appreciated,IMG_7801Even in the rain.




8 thoughts on “Epimediums near the Entrance

  1. I have several clumps of an epimedium called “Frohnleiten.” The flowers are yellow, and the new leaves are marbled with red as in one of your photos. They are as reliable as furniture, even in dry conditions under Norway maples. They do spread, so can be divided. That’s why I have them in three different spots. I try to get out and cut down the previous year’s leaves before new growth starts, the better to see those dainty blooms. “Fairy wings” is the perfect name for them.


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