You Gotta Get An Epimedium

I love hundreds of types of plants.  I am in love with a dozen or so.

The twinkle in my eye during March belongs to my yellow Epimedium.

It peeks out from under a Pieris japonica bush and an Autumn fern.

Its butter yellow blooms dangle from wiry stalks like tiny lanterns aglow.

A perfect place for a fairy to read a book.

Even the leaves are lovely.


10 thoughts on “You Gotta Get An Epimedium

    1. Columbine are coming next week. You can compare them then. It spreads so slowly, I would not call it a groundcover. It needs shade. Tolerate dry conditions. It is small so needs a spot where it can be appreciated. I also have white and orange which have not bloomed yet.


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