Shovel Love

If you think loving a shovel is extreme, think of the last time you hated a shovel. I have broken quite a few. You have to be tough to survive here. I need tools I can count on.

My hip is painful right now, so every step is measured. I try to limit my ups and downs from the ground, also. I sit in my flower beds to work, usually on a disc sled or cardboard.

I took two diggers out and settled in for some serious weeding. The short handled trowel had a damaged handle, but getting another required a trip down the hill and back up the hill, so I made do with it. The long-handled trowel was purchased ‘on sale’ in the off season. I should have known it was a too-good-to be-true price. Long-handled trowels give the leverage to lift deep weeds out of the ground without damaging the plants nearby.

The blade BROKE OFF on the second dig. The price tag was not even dirty yet and the shovel was broken. Thanks but no thanks Kent and Stowe. I will take my $2.49 elsewhere! Ha.

I researched long-handled trowels and ordered two. One is made in Japan the other in America. Each costs about ten times the price of the piece of junk mentioned above.

My first digger arrived. It is made by Ishiguro Kinzoku Co., Ltd. Its handle was shorter than I expected. Its blade was a bit bigger than expected. I used it all day yesterday. I am brutal on myself and my tools in the garden.

This is now my favorite digger. Perfect for digging up ten thousand bunches of Star of Bethlehem. The wider blade is great. The shorter handle allowed me to push on the end with the palm of my hand. This gave me more power.

Yes folks. Flower is in love with a shovel.

No worries. I will use the blade-less handle to dig dandelions. We throw nothing away here.


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17 thoughts on “Shovel Love

  1. Yes, I believe you can love a shovel because I’m in love with one of mine. I have a small spade that I can handle. I was going to do a post on it and you inspired me to go ahead with it. I like your long-handle trowels and need to find one. I bought small foldable plastic stools to sit on while I weed. It is too hard for me to get off the ground.

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  2. Nothing like a good tool. This is one area where I don’t scrimp and buy the best. I bought a stainless garden spade and fork 40 years ago and they will be still be working for a lucky gardener when I pass on. 🙂

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  3. I’m with you, the tools really make a difference. A good shovel is worth its weight in gold! As for weeders. I like my cobra head weeder very well. I also bought a sturdy garden fork the size of a large shovel that I love for digging up bishop’s weed.

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  4. I have a shovel with pink duct tape on its handle because I can still use it that way. 🙂 I have one of those tractor type seats from Garden Supply that I use for some weeding. It is built like a truck. I’ve been using it for ten plus years and the only thing I’ve done is put some air in the tires once in a while.

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