My Napkin Collection

These are not the wipe your mouth and toss variety of napkins. These have been carefully selected for decoupage.

I have spent years collecting the perfect napkins to adorn Christmas ornaments and Easter eggs.

They can also decorate gift boxes, candle votives, lamp shades, picture frames…

Since I am in ‘time out’ with my hip, I must keep busy while resting. I find decoupage fun and therapeutic without requiring much skill to create something beautiful.

Cheap napkins tend to bleed colors and have white backs. Invest in quality. Michel(with the elephant logo) is the best I have found that is widely available.

You can have themes such as sea shore items, flowers, birds, butterflies, party, even fairies.

Light backgrounds are easier to work with. Save dark backgrounds until you have practiced.

Prints with no orientation are easier for beginners.

I found this assortment pack with small print. Perfect for small objects.

These are my napkin selecting tips. I have included some links below on what to do next.

FLOW (She is the richest woman who has the cheapest treasures.)

11 thoughts on “My Napkin Collection

  1. Your collection of napkins is admirable Flower! I love having pretty napkins for the table, but have never tried any craft projects with them. I have often seen various objects at craft fairs that have been embellished with napkins. Looking at your egg post the instructions are lovely and clear, so maybe I will try it out one of these days! Thank you for sharing!

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