Biltmore Conservatory Scenes

I am a plant enthusiast, so I tend to focus on each individual plant.

I do notice when plant groupings and arrangements are done well.

Here are some scenes from the Biltmore Conservatory that I appreciated.

This mixture of cacti and succulents in pots across the brick floor gave a lovely view of the various
plant shapes and textures.
This is a bamboo bed with pillows accentuated with tiny bromeliads.
This vintage mantle seemed to be in an abandoned manor in a jungle.
Corners were softened with trees and tall orchids had a bright window background.
There was a theme with a twist everywhere. Here the bright orchid blooms were separated with interesting foliage plants.
Putting many tiny orchids together kept them from getting lost in a crowd.
Adding other plants to this huge hanging Staghorn fern gives it a chandelier flavor.

I always delight in seeing new plants and ideas when I visit Biltmore Estate in Asheville.



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