My Fascination with Variegation

I have put the brakes on acquiring new plants this summer.

But sometimes I cannot help myself.

I have this fascination with variegation.

When I spotted this ‘Spider’s Web’ Fatsia japonica, I snatched it up.

Despite the fact it will get much larger and need protection if planted outside in Zone 7.

All I could see was those leaves! Each is a different work of art.

The variegation changes as the leaves age.

It is evergreen, produces white ball blooms in the fall and makes black berries.

How could I resist?


6 thoughts on “My Fascination with Variegation

  1. Variegated plants are alluring, I agree. I’ve never seen a variegated fatsia, so I can see why you couldn’t resist. In my experience, deer like to eat fatsias, at least the plain green kind, and I’m talking about black-tailed deer on the west coast of Canada. But your deer may like them too, so be prepared.

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