Fatsia’s Freedom

It is time to set Fatsia free in the garden. After a year of pampering it and potting it up, I finally believe it will be better off out in the ground instead of a pot. It has quadrupled in size.

It is an act of faith to put a plant in the ground. Is it ready? Is this the best location? Will it be beaten by weather or eaten by wildlife?

I must release my friend Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’ and hope it thrives among the Selaginella, Autumn Fern and Orange Epimedium.

A beautiful plant in a lovely spot.


My Fascination with Variegation

I have put the brakes on acquiring new plants this summer.

But sometimes I cannot help myself.

I have this fascination with variegation.

When I spotted this ‘Spider’s Web’ Fatsia japonica, I snatched it up.

Despite the fact it will get much larger and need protection if planted outside in Zone 7.

All I could see was those leaves! Each is a different work of art.

The variegation changes as the leaves age.

It is evergreen, produces white ball blooms in the fall and makes black berries.

How could I resist?