My Friends’ Farm and the Dogs

My world is small and quiet. I need it like that right now.

But I must make myself leave my haven on occasion.

My outing this week was to the farm of my friends.

Years ago it was a dairy farm. Later it was a daylily farm.

Now it is just home to some of my favorite people and their dogs.

The highlight of my visit was watching Raney, Bailey, Wally, Murphy and Skid.

They provided a lot of action and entertainment.

Wally was the star of the show. He constantly flushed rabbits out of the flower beds.

We laughed as we watched the rabbits skitter hither and yon without Wally ever seeing them.

It was hard to take my eyes away from the action to photograph the beautiful plantings and artwork.

I made this Stoneshroom back when I was a concrete artist. It has seasoned perfectly.

If I ever have a farm, it will be full of flowers

and goats and a donkey and some rabbits and lots of chickens and maybe an alpaca or llama and an emu…

and of course dogs.

A girl can dream can’t she?


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