Bunnies in the Doghouse

Things are finally returning to normal in the bunny room. I sent them both outside while I cleaned out the “nest” today.


I watched them as they came in to see Charlotte’s reaction. She seemed to have forgotten the frenzy.  After checking the room to inspect my cleaning, she lay down in her usual spot in front of the door.



Barley got reacquainted with the litter box.


But… All is not well.

While moving the treadmill to its new location, a discovery was made.

Bunnies must chew, you see. I apparently did not provide enough fruit-wood sticks at some point.  Teething continues, sticks or no sticks.

I had removed the plug-in cord from the treadmill, but had failed to notice a loop projecting ever so slightly out the bottom. This loop was not missed by the keen eyes of the bunnies.



I went out yesterday and got myself new gloves and a quick-dry scarf.  I guess I’ll be doing my walking outside until the cord is ordered and replaced.

Walk with the cold Flower.




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