Saving the Melons

Mr. Flower has his own garden.

I am given assignments where it is concerned.

My latest assignment is “Save the Melons.”

I have to admit that I failed at this last summer.

I put a little fence ring around the melon.

I put a cover over the ring and checked it for ripeness each afternoon.

Just before picking time,

I discovered that something had crawled down into the fence

and eaten the inside of the melon leaving only the peeling.

So this year I am trying a new approach.

I have put Mr. Flower’s melons in mesh bags.

I am hoping the varmint will not like getting his claws or teeth ensnared.

Let’s hope this works.

Mr. Flower take produce production seriously.


4 thoughts on “Saving the Melons

  1. Am fighting a royal battle with raccoons – have lost about 40 watermelons and 4 cantaloupes. Put a post on my blog about this not long ago. There are so many animals that eat melons. It takes a strong frame box with thick fence wire – with weight on top or fastened securely to the ground to save melons from animals.


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