The Cacti Don’t Care

It’s much too hot for me out there, but the cacti don’t care.

Candelabra cactus/ Dragon Bones/ Euphorbia lactea

They keep on growing without slowing.

Firesticks cactus/ Euphorbia tirucalli

When the sun is blazing they are amazing.

Epiphyllum /orchid cactus / ‘Over the Top’

They tend to thrive where no others survive.

Rhipsalis salicornioides

They get dry but do not die.

Lifesaver plant/ Huernia zebrina

They think it’s fun to sit in the sun.

Huernia zebrina bloom

I’m no fool. I am in where it’s cool.


8 thoughts on “The Cacti Don’t Care

  1. What a Cute post – pictures of all your lovely cacti and poetry too. I am glad you are cool – that is the only thing to do right now.


  2. Succulents and cacti love heat, that’s for sure. The Huernia zebrina looks a little like the monsters’ faces in the first two seasons of “Stranger Things”. 🙂

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