My Daddy’s Planes

My daddy gardens in the spring and summer.

In the winter, he builds planes.

This winter he is making the largest and most complex plane ever.

It is a model of the B-24 Liberator from World War II.

It has hundreds of tiny pieces

that must be precisely cut with an Exacto knife from balsa wood and glued into place.

He says that this is his last one. I hope this is not true.

If my eighty-six-year-old daddy can perform miracles with his crooked hands,

what excuse could I possibly use to not do amazing things myself?

I am his FLOWER.


5 thoughts on “My Daddy’s Planes

  1. OMG!! What a beautiful post!! I loved it! Your Dad is so talented! I hope I have a talent like his to keep me occupied in my old age. Amazing! Would love to see and update of his finished airplane. Thank you for sharing such a precious family experience.

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  2. Of course this is one of my favorite posts because it is about our precious daddy! I hope this will not be his last plane. Maybe he just needs to build a simpler model next time. After 20 years of building planes, his collection is very amazing!

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