Raffaldini Winerini

Okay, so I made up a new word.  It fits doesn’t it?   A little, Italian winery.

Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery is in North Carolina,


but it did make me feel like I was in Italy or at least California.


Mr. Flower and I enjoyed a wine tasting here last weekend.


We sampled eight different wines as we learned about the various grapes and processes for creating the complex aromas, flavors and textures.

I did not know that some grapes are dried to enhance their flavors. This process is called Appasimento.  Some of the wines were aged in stainless steel instead of oak barrels.



The lovely facilities are set up on a hill with a great view of the grape vines and surrounding farms.


It amazes me the vision and foresight some people have “to dream and then do.”


This is an impressive yet peaceful place to spend an afternoon.


10 thoughts on “Raffaldini Winerini

  1. I find it interesting how so many wineries try so hard to look like they are Italian. Why do they always choose Italy? If they want to be copy cats, why not Spain, or France? Even more so, I wonder why they don’t celebrate their own location and use/develop their very own vernacular? I guess this is why visiting wineries so often remind me of going to Disney World.


  2. Actually, there are wineries in my country as well. Especially in the southern parts of Sweden of course, I’ve seen several. And they make good wine too. I have a few grapevines in my garden. They are very hardy and have survived severe frosts. Last year they gave four pounds of grapes. Not enough to make any wine, but I hope there will be more next year. It took ten years before they started to yield any grapes worth mentioning. Dark blue they are and a bit sour.

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