Daddy and the Big Planes

It’s been a big week for my daddy.

You have seen posts of him with his little model planes.

This week he went to see some real World War II planes.

He looked rather tiny rolling around under these giant aircraft.


The Collins Foundation brought their ‘Wings of Freedom Tour ‘ to Statesville’s  Airport.


There was a B-25 Mitchell named the TonDeLayo.



Also a B-17 Flying Fortress, the Nine-O-Nine.



Daddy’s favorite was the B-24J -Liberator called Witchcraft.



We got to see some lucky folks take rides in a P-51 Mustang.


Daddy enjoyed talking with one of the pilots about the different motors used in the P-51.


He also met a Vietnam veteran whose dad, Roy E. Guy,  was shot down in Germany.



Mama was a good sport  during the event, as usual, despite being cold.

My sister was Daddy’s wingman,  rolling him wherever he pointed.

I, of course, was the reporter, photographer and spy.


He claims that last year’s Liberator is his last model plane.

I hope this is not true. My daddy just loves planes. He was like a kid in a toy store.


I must include this cute little dog, who waited patiently while his daddy got up in a plane for a photo.



One thought on “Daddy and the Big Planes

  1. As Daddy says, “It was a good day!” We were with both parents who were out and about, still enjoying their 87th year of life! And here is one of those experiences I would never have had without someone inviting me to go along. I’ve had a whole lot of good days just by saying yes to invitations.

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