Go Find Some Fungi

When the ground is too soggy to dig in,

Witches’ butter

I put on my rubber shoes and go mushroom hunting.

Ringless Honey mushrooms

I do not eat what I find.

Splash Cup

I like my liver too much to risk eating a poisonous fungus.

Turkey tail polypore

This snail is enjoying a snack.


I only know common names of some of these.  Please forgive my ignorance.

Violet toothed polypore

I have always been fascinated by fungi.


Maybe I should start another blog called fungialley.


I consider fungi both beautiful and beneficial.

Clitocybe? (some are poisonous others edible)


I took all these photos this past weekend in my yard and in the woods behind my house.


I did go out in a kayak and found some floating fungi.  That will be another post.


If a reader knows the true identifications of any of these, please send me a message.


FLOWER loves fungi.

9 thoughts on “Go Find Some Fungi

  1. Flower loves fungi, and trees do too! I’ve read this. Trees wouldn’t live without fungi and lots of fungi wouldn’t live without the roots of trees where so many of them spend their interminable lives in rhizomes exchanging nourishing substances with their hosts. If this isn’t love then what is love?

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      1. Funny – I just wrote a comment on a blog with a photo of shrinking tomatoes. Soon they’ll be rotten. Makes a picture interesting. Makes me see movement. Which is quite an important thing in life, isn’t it?

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