No Sedum? You Need’um.

In September most flowers are drying up and needing dead-heading.


Not the sedums. They have been slowly stretching out their clusters of green buds.


As the tiny flowers open the entire head blushes with color.


You don’t need to look to know if they are blooming, you can HEAR it.


Each colorful head is full of all kinds of bumble bees, honey bees, wasps, butterflies, moths and lightening bugs.


It’s like a party on every plant.




11 thoughts on “No Sedum? You Need’um.

  1. A sedum grew in next door’s garden when I was a child. It would often be covered in butterflies – so you could say Red Admirals and Cabbage Whites were my neighbours back then, thanks to one single plant.


    1. I love walking around to each sedum to see all the different types of insects eating together on each plant. My childhood had interesting plants in it also. Maybe that’s why we love them so much. Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy your blog posts.

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