Up River

If you want to go where it’s cool and quiet, go up river.


As you travel, you feel you are leaving everything behind.

Floating between the water and sky with the wind in your hair,

Quietly cruising past the lazy life along the river.


The air gets cooler as the water gets colder.

It’s time to soak in some sunshine.


Sit on the shore.

Maybe hang out with Huck Finn


or lay low with only a couch and a cooler.


The only sounds are quiet sounds up river.

The wind passing through the grasses,


and the water lapping the shore,


or the an eagle flapping its wings.


the splash of a fish or the plop of a turtle leaving its log.


Life is slow up river.

We know when we turn around,

that we will yearn for this peace.


But the wind blows us and the current takes us back to our lives.

Waiting for us to get busy again.





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