Two Tiny Jugs

Two tiny jugs made of mud, side-by-side on a Magnolia grandiflora leaf.


Were they made by fairy potter?

Do they contain tiny scrolls from an ancient fairy kingdom?

No.  They are made by a remarkable wasp, a Potter wasp/Eumenes species.

Mama Potter carries the mud in her mouth

and shapes the jug with her mouth parts and long skinny abdomen.

She leaves to top open to deposit a paralyzed caterpillar and an egg.  Then seals it shut.

Her baby wasp nestles inside its jug and eat its snack.

When it is big enough, it eats a hole in the side of its jug and emerges.


What a good mama!


7 thoughts on “Two Tiny Jugs

  1. We may have the same or similar wasp as I find those on my leaves. My mud dobbers have been busy, which means we will be busy cleaning it up the mud pods. I have a photo I need to post of the wasps collecting the mud. It has been one of those summers and I am far behind in posting.

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