Kangaroo Paw has Claws

This is the Anigozanthos ‘Bush Ranger’ that I brought home from California.

Its common name is Kangaroo paws.


Yesterday, I noticed that some of the “toes” on the paws had opened.

There were little blooms with five yellow stamens in a row, looking like claws.


I am so glad that the”Cutest Plant in California” is now thriving in Carolina.



10 thoughts on “Kangaroo Paw has Claws

  1. Complex, Rachel, I agree. And Flower, cuteness and claws – you keep returning to this, don’t you. The mood makes me think of William Blake for some reason. Marriage of Heaven and Hell perhaps?

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      1. Well, the poisonous lurking in the sweet and beautiful, and the beauty in the mean and poisonous – that’s Blake, isn’t it. Or is it enough just saying it’s You. What I like is the poetic way in which you give us these contrasts. But, perhaps, again, I don’t need to be so goddamn serious. It’s just good to read what you write. It is poetic.

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  2. Then I understand you are a very good teacher of science, considering the fact that you so often make scientific facts so easily understandable and so enticing by presenting factual information poetically.
    What’s more, I’ve understood that science, art, and poetry are not really far removed from each other. Where would we be if scientific researchers didn’t have a far-reaching and daring imagination, much like poets and artists? Imagining the impossible makes new inventions possible, I think.

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