Another Cute Little Stinger

I had to search for these two, but I knew that they ate banana leaves.

Saddleback caterpillars. Large one above the scissor handle. Small one at the point.

These are Saddleback caterpillars/Archaria stimulea.


They are beautiful.  The hairs are their stingers.   Their venom is painful.


I was stung by one over thirty years ago. I still remember the shock of it.


Itty bitty, greenie weanie, tiny little stinging meanie.


13 thoughts on “Another Cute Little Stinger

  1. What an amazing wee beastie, if I found a caterpillar like that in our garden, I would think I had mistakenly started taking drugs! It reminds me of Dougal, from the Magic Roudabout, a kids TV programme in the UK from the 1960s 🙂
    I see, as per the norm for such beasties, the moth is very unexciting! Lol!! And I’m pleased to read that you speak so affectionately towards them, despite being stung so many years ago, as you said in a previous comment, they have to defend themselves! 🙂

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  2. He stings because he’s afraid we’ll steal his smart jacket. Oh, you always have a surprise! And I do love your little jingle at the end.

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