The Banana Forest

Mr. Flower brought one banana tree into the marriage over three decades ago.

Over the years this banana has multiplied.

Now, we have a banana forest.


We have learned some banana tricks.

We used to dig them all up and haul them all into the basement in the fall.

Now we enclose them in a circle of wire fence and fill around them with leaves or straw.

This is the easy way to over-winter a banana tree.


Instead of digging them up and carrying them in and out, we just enclose it and leave it.

Thus the banana forest has developed.

Each family of pup trees is circled around the dead mama tree.


I enjoy standing in the banana forest while the wind blows.


I pretend I am on an island in the tropics.


My sister jokes that we should rent it out for wedding photos.

For those folks who can’t make it to Hawaii for the big day.





9 thoughts on “The Banana Forest

  1. The banana plants look so healthy and gorgeous! Do you get bananas from them? In South India where I come from, growing up we ate our lunch and dinner on banana leaves. Grandpa was a strict Brahmin and felt eating off a banana leaf was more hygienic, lightly wash the leaf then use it as a plate and then throw it in the compost pile. Even today, at weddings lunch or dinner are served on banana leaves in Chennai.

    Your pictures brought back fond childhood memories for me. Thank you!

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  2. Next time I am at your house, we will use your banana leaves as plates. I love this idea! What kind of food fits best with the spirit of a banana leaf?

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  3. That must be wonderful to stand under and I like your brilliant overwintering method. There is a local college greenhouse that has a few banana trees in its palm house that we visit in the depths of winter to enjoy a mini-tropical vacation. 🙂

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