Bloomed Incorrectly?

Last month I posted photos of an Amaryllis blooming.

I expected it to be a peach color. I have many reds and whites.

I wrote to the supplier and told them that the bulb I ordered,

Amaryllis Exotica, had turned out to be a double red/white.


Their emailed reply stated that they were sorry

that the bulb BLOOMED INCORRECTLY and that they would ship another.


I just received an email that a new bulb was being shipped at no cost to me.

Now folks, really?

Why not admit that a person packed and shipped the wrong bulb?

Why blame the poor bulb?

What is this world coming to, when we blame a plant instead of a person?

Let’s admit that a mistake was made.

I will let you know if the new bulb BLOOMS CORRECTLY in a few months.




7 thoughts on “Bloomed Incorrectly?

  1. I have had that happen and I think the expensive colors I ordered came out white. I also have blooming shrubs that are grafted with 2 different colors that bloom at different times. And a rose that was labeled improperly and ended up being a robust climber.


    1. I bought a beautiful floribunda rose, Gruss An Aachen, even though I swore never to buy another rose of any sort. The bloom was exquisite and seduced me into the purchase. I think the graft died and left me with a weedy and vigorous root-stock. Grafted plants are tricky, because the graft is usually picky.

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