Pseudo Spring

Don’t get me wrong northern friends,

I am enjoying these days of 70 and even 80 degrees here in North Carolina.

My bunnies are very happy to get out in their yard almost every day.


But I am a biologist and a plant mama.


I have been keeping garden journals of this same garden since 1996.


It’s too early for all the growth I am seeing.

Maple blossoms

I fear a freeze will kill much of this growth back.


Some plants have “back-up buds”, but many don’t.


I am glad that I brought in more plants than usual this year.


I always fear a hard winter.


How ironic that I have saved these stowaways from a pseudo spring instead.

Tete a Tete


10 thoughts on “Pseudo Spring

  1. Everyone’s been talking about an early Spring. We have had record breaking temperatures and I officially declared it Spring in my garden and brought all my “tenders” outside. I am very impressed with your record keeping. I have tried, but never seem to be able to keep up with it.

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    1. I look back through mine by the months to see what I have done before and when things came up previous years. I also keep tracks of fertilizing times and types.
      The most important part is where I plants new plants. I draw maps of my beds.

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  2. It’s much the same here, not in the 70s but still very mild for February. Apparently now there’s a ‘tropical plume’ headed our way. All very worrying, there are two and a half months yet of possible frosts!

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  3. You are right, it is way too early. We are bound to have more cold, perhaps on the next full moon. If it drops too low, we’ll have problems for sure. Do you remember the Easter freeze ten years ago (April 8, 2007)? We had a hard freeze after 6 weeks of unseasonably warm weather. All of my Japanese maples (in particular) and other trees too were in full leaf, but they all managed to come back, thank goodness.

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  4. I enjoyed the Spring photos! Thanks for sharing. We have two bunnies and they feature on today’s post of my poetry blog in case you have time to look? Happy Friday! Sam 🙂


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