Barren to Bountiful

There is a spot where nothing grows.

The soil is hard. The shade is deep. The slope is steep.

But we can fix that.

It’s a lovely spot on the hill, over-looking the water, under the fig tree.

Mr. Flower and I are working on it.

We have loaded in soil by the wagon loads and Bunny-fertilizer by the buckets full.

Now that the leaves are falling, they are being added into the mix.

There are plants that need that spot you see.

They are in the wrong place, they are crowded, not enough this or that

They cannot grow nor bloom where they are.

They need transportation and relocation.

So they can thrive instead of just survive.

That’s what we gardeners do. We give plants a chance to be their best.

We can’t grow and bloom for them.

But we can give them a place to do it and the right resources to help.

You wait until next spring. This spot will go from barren to bountiful.

It’s a beautiful feeling, this win-win.  We all grow.



5 thoughts on “Barren to Bountiful

  1. Bonjour Floweralley, j’admire tout ce que vous faites pour la terre, la nature, les plantes, c’est magnifique. Et au printemps vous serez récompensée.
    Bon week-end et mes amitiés.


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