Little Fern Forest

I got this idea from a fellow-blogger annamadeit of Flutter and Hum.  She was my first “blogger friend” that I found when I started this blog three years ago this May.  I remember writing to her in excitement that I had finally found some “Plant People.”  If you are reading this you either know what a “plant nut” I am from knowing me personally OR you are a plant nut. Either way, thanks for the views and comments.

We have a giant old pine stump in the middle of my shade garden under the “Miss Robbie” fig tree. I have posted on this spot before in “Barren to Bountiful” , which had a double meaning due to the current world crises at the time.  Pay attention folks, FLOWER doesn’t just write about flowers.

I have been placing one of my creations named, Fern Basin, on top of the stump to hide it. Now that it has finally decomposed nicely, I wanted to feature it instead.  Decompostion has created nice little niches into which I plan to tuck tiny bulbs next season.  Until then, I have filled them with garden soil and mushroom compost to let it season and settle.

I dragged a heavy cedar stump from the woods. My grown son had to get it in place.  Then I wandered through the surrounding woods looking for ferns, rocks and interesting objects.  I also found some driftwood along the shore of the river/lake.  The hunt was as much fun as the creation. Win, Win!

I did purchase a Tassel fern/Polystichum polyblephum, some Irish moss/ Sagina subulata and a tiny hosta/ ‘Wrinkle in Time.’

Tassel fern/ Polystichum polyblepharum
Irish moss/ Sagina subulata and ‘Wrinkle in Time’ hosta

This project is near my Fairy Garden which I blogged about last week.  I enjoy creating tiny areas with a theme. It makes it fun to have several projects in mind and constantly add to each. It keeps me on the look-out.

I will continue to work on this.  The newly established plants enjoyed yesterday’s rain.


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