A Constellation of Blooms

I am surrounded by stars.


Schlumbergera stars.


The blooms of dreams.


They appear when needed most.


Darkness is coming. Coldness is coming.


But not here, in this room full of vibrant colors.


I care for my own galaxy.


It sends back the light from brighter time.


In the form of flowers.



8 thoughts on “A Constellation of Blooms

  1. Hello Ms. Flower, Thanks for checking on me. I am well– just thought I needed a break from too much time in front of my computer. You see, not only do I blog, but I also write books for children. One day I looked over at my schlumbergera star, which sits next to my computer, and it told me, “I don’t want to be your star any longer.” You see, it sat shriveled from neglect. I am attempting to save it, but it is half the size it once was. Something had to change and though not completely sure, I may give up the blog. I love your sweet little spot and will check in from time to time.


    1. I will not like this comment. I will miss your posts. I too am writing a book. It is not for children. It is for mother’s. My daughter has had seizures since she was a baby. It is our survival story.
      I have Schlumbergera secrets. You may want to read them.
      Miss you.


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