Spore Surprise

Well, I intended to do a post on fern spores later, but the spores had other ideas.

I picked a frond off my Autumn ferns to bring in to my work space yesterday evening.


I took photos of the lovely sori lined up two-by-two down the leaflets.


I meant to take the frond back outside to the compost pile when I finished.

Over night, the frond dried up and shot spores all over the table.


I was amazed at the range the tiny sporangia catapults had.


While we are on the subject of spores, may I remind you that they are NOT seeds.

Sporangium(catapult) heads slung with spores from a dried up sorus.

Each spore germinates into a tiny gametophyte that allows an egg and sperm join

then germination takes place and a new sporophyte/fern plant grows.

The tiny green structures (pin-head sized) in this jar are gametophytes grown from Dragon’s Tail fern spores.


If my snacked on baby fern (‘Disappearing Fern’ post) doesn’t survive, maybe its progeny will.  Sniff, sniff.

Ferns come, ferns go, ferns come again.



7 thoughts on “Spore Surprise

  1. J’aime beaucoup les fougères, je trouve que c’est élégant et aérien mais malheureusement on ne peut rien faire lorsque la nature prend ses droits. Merci pour toutes vos explications très intéressantes.
    Belle journée à vous Floweralley et mes amitiés.

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  2. Well, I’ve just learned a lot! And what marvellous shots! I have many self-seeded ferns in our garden. I’ve always loved ferns but I’ll be watching them with greater respect from now on 🙂

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