S’more Spores

It’s the time of year when plants get ready to go dormant here in North Carolina.

This means in addition to losing leaves, plants set seed or form spores.  This hopefully ensures another generation of plants.

This November is a little unusual because it has been so warm that we still have flowers blooming and bees buzzing.  I have even had second generation seeds germinate and flower this season.

I will take you on a tour of s’more spores.  Seeds will follow in another post.

Sensitive fern/Onoclea sensibilis sends up its own spores on a stick.  These are referred to as beads.


Its fronds are sterile, i.e. do not produce spores.


Chain fern/ Woodwardia areolata has a separate spore bearing structure, also.


Its fronds do not produce spores either.


The Japanese Holly fern/Cyrtomium falcatum has a sporadic spore arrangement.  No pun intended.


Its fronds are evergreen.


Here is one sorus from the Japanese Holly fern under the microscope.


Stay tuned for seeds.


3 thoughts on “S’more Spores

  1. Merci Flowerallay pour votre billet très instructif. J’apprécie beaucoup.
    Autour de ma terrasse, j’ai des arbustes persistants et un ginkgo biloba. Ce dernier, qui avait les feuilles vertes sont devenues jaunes et maintenant elles sont toutes tombées. Il reprendra certainement ce printemps 🙂
    Mes amitiés.


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