The Disappearing Fern

My first orders of business when I return from a trip are to check on the bunnies


and then to tour my plants to check for any changes.

To my shock and horror, when I peered into the baby fern box


my prized Dragon’s Tail fern/Aspleniaceae x Ebenoides was missing many fronds.

Not whole fronds. The midribs remained sticking out nakedly brown without the lovely green scales.


Something had eaten the Dragon’s Tails down to the bones.

There were droppings left on the dish below.  Evidence.


A hungry caterpillar was feasting on my favorite fern.

I searched the soil before examining each frond.

I found a small green snacker, but knew he was not large enough to produce the poop.


Ah Ha!    Bad, Bad Larva Brown.  He and his little Green Sidekick were escorted outside.

Go pick on a bigger fern you bullies.


I hope little Dragon’s Tail can recover from this shock.


6 thoughts on “The Disappearing Fern

  1. Bonjour Floweralley, il n’est pas toujours évident de s’absenter de la maison car un jardin demande beaucoup de travail et on ne sais jamais comment on va le retrouver au retour. Les deux lapins sont magnifiques.
    Belle journée.

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