The Crown of July

July is NOT my favorite month in the garden.

Water, weed, pick, again; water, weed, pick, again…

Too many tommy toes.


Itchy squash plants host their skittering beetles.


Zucchinis grow giant the minute my back is turned.


Pumpkins? I didn’t plant pumpkins.


Tomatoes… tomahtoes…potatoes…potahtoes..


Let’s kill the whole thing off.     Get the sprayer and fill it with herbicide.

WAIT!      There is one non-needy, non-weedy spot left in the garden.


A group of flowers, each wearing a crown.


Pineapple Lily.    Eucomis.


I appreciate these lovely, long spires of delicate blooms.


I have a change of heart and get the hose to water instead.


Garden Saved by Eucomis!!!

9 thoughts on “The Crown of July

  1. Voilà de beaux légumes pour préparer de bons plats et je trouve les fleurs magnifiques. J’imagine qu’un jardin demande beaucoup de travail… Bravo 🙂
    Mes amitiés.


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