Pineapple Lilies

Much of my garden looks withered and tired in this heat, so I appreciate any plant that stands up and blooms mid-July. That’s when the Eucomis ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ plants burst into bloom.

These blooms are visited by many insects. They are especially loved by bumble bees and Hummingbird moths.

‘Sparkling Burgundy’ Eucomis

This group has slowly spread over the years to form a lovely display. The plants have lost some of their color because they are not in full sun. I will eventually move the perimeter plants to a sunnier location to regain the burgundy spots.

A tiny version of Eucomis stays in pots. Its name is ‘Aloha.’ The blooms are the size of a thumbprint.

‘Aloha’ Eucomis

Eucomis plants originated in Africa, so they can take our North Carolina heat.

The bulbs are poisonous which means they are not eaten by my little friends.


The Crown of July

July is NOT my favorite month in the garden.

Water, weed, pick, again; water, weed, pick, again…

Too many tommy toes.


Itchy squash plants host their skittering beetles.


Zucchinis grow giant the minute my back is turned.


Pumpkins? I didn’t plant pumpkins.


Tomatoes… tomahtoes…potatoes…potahtoes..


Let’s kill the whole thing off.     Get the sprayer and fill it with herbicide.

WAIT!      There is one non-needy, non-weedy spot left in the garden.


A group of flowers, each wearing a crown.


Pineapple Lily.    Eucomis.


I appreciate these lovely, long spires of delicate blooms.


I have a change of heart and get the hose to water instead.


Garden Saved by Eucomis!!!

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: July 15, 2015

Many garden bloggers send photos of their gardens to  MayDreamsGardens to be posted as a group.

I had to rush home yesterday and figure out how to do this.

I have my first widget with my face on it!

So, here are the photos that I took of our garden yesterday.

The first photo is one of many lizards around our stone parking area. I call him “The King” because he likes to climb on the stoneshrooms and sun himself while he stands watch over the garden.

He thinks he's all that!
He thinks he’s all that!

I am working on a future post about ferns, so I took photos of the spores on the underside of the frond.

Autumn Fern frond with sori.
Autumn Fern frond with sori.

My daughter has a lily and rose garden. This is her newest stargazer, Playtime.

Stargazer Lily/Playtime
Stargazer Lily/Playtime

This is my favorite plant. Eucomis/Pineapple lily.

Eucomis/Pineapple lily and bee
Eucomis/Pineapple lily and bee

Blackberry/Leopard lily hybrids
Blackberry/Leopard lily hybrids

Blackberry Lily
Blackberry Lily

Water lily
Water lily

Giant yellow
Giant yellow “No Name” daylily from DSBG

Bleeding Heart Vine Clerodendrum thomasoniae
Jack the Pumpkin showing his true colors.

Bloom day July 15 023
Bleeding Heart Vine Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Sunflower and friends
Sunflower and friends

Hot Chocolate Callas
Hot Chocolate Callas

Dahlias and Alstroemeria/Peruvian lily
Dahlias and Alstroemeria/Peruvian lily

Raphael Daylily
Raphael Daylily

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