Wild Passion

Talk about a tantalizing title!

One of the wild Passion vines that I found on the bank has finally put out a bloom.


Now I can post the wild flower photo side-by-side with my hybrid I ordered.





Wild Passion Vine Leaves
Hybrid Passion vine leaves
The hybrid has 5-lobed leaves, bracts at the petiole, and curlier tendrils.

I found three wild vines on the bank. I have cleared out the weeds around them and staked them.

They seem to be struggling to survive, unlike the potted hybrid.

Typical.  “I’d Rather be a Tall Ugly Weed” (Julio Noboa Polanco)

Follow the wild FLOWER!




9 thoughts on “Wild Passion

  1. Bonjour Floweralley, la fleur bleue est magnifique et je me souviens d’en avoir vu en Bretagne lors de vacances. C’est du plus bel effet. Merci 🙂
    Belle journée.


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