Scorned by the Trees

If you want the whole story,  listen to the trees.


The flowers will greet you at the driveway.


The shrubs will show you to the door, but the trees see it all.

I went to my friends’ farm to photograph the daylilies.


It is June.   They are beautiful.


I felt the trees watching me.


“More folks to see the new-comers.” they said.


The silos sighed.


“Pretty faces, shallow roots.” whispered the trees.


“They know nothing. Blooming little twits.”


“Show-offs. The weeds know more than they do.”

I felts as though I were in a museum taking pictures in the gift shop.



“The story is up here.” they said.

“We have the history.”


“We saw the boy grow to a man and his boy grow to a man.”

“We shaded the cows. We saw the storms and sunsets.”

“We watched the pastures change to neighborhoods.”

“We know the history, yet you are focusing on the flashy little trinkets.”


“All they know is a rainwand and sunshine.”

“Needy and greedy.”


“Are you shallow too.” they asked?

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7 thoughts on “Scorned by the Trees

  1. Who, I love this, Becca! I just put on the big tree on FB the other day and commented that I would love to hear its stories – we are the 5th generation of Lippards/Rumples to live there.

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