What’s Your Seed?

How do you take the seed of a talent and grow it into genius?


When does a skill become a craft and then a gift?


What do these seeds within us need in order to grow and flourish?


I know they need time and attention.

Talents need to be tended and nurtured.


I visited a genius yesterday.

Stephen “The Genius” with my good friend Joyce at an art event.

I heard him talk.  I saw his work.  I felt his love for his family, art, plants, pets and pigeons.


I was overwhelmed by the beauty of his creations.  So many. So diverse.

Jewelry of silk and stone,


Paintings of nature,


Gardens with plants known by name and needs,


Sculptures of wood or iron,


Bonsai like miniature worlds,


Silk scarves that speak to the soul.


Birdabodes for the spoiledest of songbirds.


So many seeds grown to fruition.

Do we ALL have seeds?   What are mine?

Have I given my seeds my time, talent and undivided attention?

How does one grow a genius?

I’ve seen one.   I know one.  I want to make one.   I want to be one.

It takes inspiration, determination and a team of support.

What’s your seed?  How can you grow it?  Who is going to help you?


Thank you Stephen and family for sharing your treasured time with me.

You have and will continue to inspire me.

Love grows us all.



4 thoughts on “What’s Your Seed?

  1. Becca, your writing is inspiring, exciting and motivating! It is funny that I think YOU are a genius already! You live life with purpose and passion and that is genius! As always I strive to come see your tranquil garden and meet the bunnies! Love and best wishes!

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  2. Ce lieu est un rêve, c’est magnifique et certaines personnes ont de l’or dans les mains et savent trouver l’inspiration avec la nature. Merci pour ce superbe partage.
    Belle journée bien amicalement.

    Liked by 1 person

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