Using Chopstix

I went out in the garden early this morning with my chopstix.

I’d been using knives, but there were issues.

NO,  I wasn’t eating sushi for breakfast.

I was marking my daylilies.


I use plastic knives with the names engraved on the blade.

These have been stepped on and broken by a certain blundering gardener.

If it is muddy, I  have to wipe off the knife blade to read the name.


So my new plan is plastic chopstix with the name engraved on the top.  Then use a Sharpe marker to fill in the scratches and wipe the rest off with 91% alcohol.   Isopropyl alcohol people!

I sat down with my list and Dremel tool last night.


I made a whole new batch of markers.



I chose blue and green to be inconspicuous.  Maybe I should have gotten red instead.


We will see how this works out.

I only broke one this morning.


Now if I can just read my writing!

Follow the forgetful FLOWER.

3 thoughts on “Using Chopstix

  1. I like both ideas – chopsticks and plastic knives. How good! 🙂 I’ll pass those tips on to my husband who is forever loking for plant marker alternatives.

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