The View from my Desk

Covid 19 finally found me on February 6, 2023. I spent forty eight hours in a stupor. Covid tests were negative the first two days. I did one last test on Friday, February 10 before heading to a many-times-postponed physical (scale included) with my GP. The pink lines on the test card formed before I could set the timer for 15 minutes.

So, the stop and go continues. I am back in a mask. Quarantined in my side of the house. No trips to see my mama. I am holding my breath hoping Mr. Flower and Rose do not get it. Somebody has to keep going!

I hope you enjoy this post of mess and chaos. This is what I usually hide. It has recently come to my attention that my friends are feeling ashamed of their messes, which made me sad. This blog post is for all the women who think they should have a clean and tidy house. Enjoy!

This is the table behind my desk which faces a wall and window. Notice the Valentine decorations for the folks at the facility hanging on the chair, undelivered. The notebooks are family cookbooks for relatives that I have not mailed yet.(sorry Sue, Colleen and Kayla) The bag of chocolates was given to me by Rose because she does not like them. Fireball whisky is for my nightstand when I cannot stop coughing. The book under my antiviral prescription is for a Clickart Program. I got up at 2 AM to select vintage St. Patrick art to glue onto shamrocks but cannot find the disk. The pocket for it in the book is empty. (hi ho)

The other side of the table is covered with my antiviral medication, cup of cold coffee and one of my hundreds of masks I made to avoid Covid. The giant Valentine is one I am reworking into a decoration. (next post…wait for it) There are also various supplies for making ‘Fairy Windows’ for and with my friends.(future post) The plants, puzzles and books in disarray are always there.

The left side of my messy desks is surrounded by photos of folks I love and a follower-mama of my other blog. Notice all the colored pens and markers. My college roommate still likes to rib me about my collection. Now, everybody knows Marybeth. Notice my computer is on books. This is so that when I do interviews the computer camera is not pointed up my nose or straight at my ‘old lady neck.’ My camera is always close-by, of course.

The right side of my desk has a photo of my daddy that I talk to as I work. (Hi Daddy!) There are figurines of my heroes RBG and Fauci. Many owls are about. The black cord was found while looking for the Clickart disk. (?) Beside my wall calendar is one of the Madame Alexander dolls that made it through without a haircut or being lost. That bookcase is full of books on Human Anatomy and Physiology and diseases.

The floor is also full of clear boxes for yet another project. The African violets are my late mother-in-law’s. The poinsettia is a gift from Rose three Christmases ago, blooming again. I made the stained glass yellow iris, Banana Frappe’. Notice the mirror surrounded by nuggets? My mother is reflected in it from a photo on the wall across the room. I couldn’t have set that up if I tried. Mama always did keep a close eye on me!

More books, more family and favorite people photos. I see that my space heater is too close to paper again. I guess I should move those.

So now you have seen my mess. I have nothing more to hide. The rest of my house is like this. I hope you feel better about your house, Sandra. We have better things to do than clean. (Pinch that baby Leprechaun for me.)

All you people can come on over and visit me in my chaos, but please wait until I test negative. Masks are required inside. I am going back to bed. Looking at this mess has worn me out.

Slow Flow

19 thoughts on “The View from my Desk

  1. I’m so sorry Covid found you. I know it’s very hard being sick (especially THAT sick) when you’re caring for someone else. I hope and pray that you will rebound and regain your strength quickly.

    Thank you for doing a show ‘n tell of your mess. I did spend a little time cleaning my house today, but my messy self will catch up to my tidy self real soon.

    Get well soon, my friend. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. ~ bfll

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