Sun on a Stem

Wintering is hard on nature and human nature. There is a fine line between dormancy and death.

I felt the need to march myself outside on this windy, overcast, February day to search for some ‘sun on a stem.’

I was relieved to find my first bright spots on the Edgeworthia: Chinese Paper Bush.

Lovely glowing circles of yellow blooms around fuzzy buds. These remind me of little suns.

I spotted some gold on the path across the front of the house. Bright crocus blooms warm my frosty heart.

There was one brave daffodil standing tall on the hill across the drive.

More ‘sun on a stem’ posing among the dead and dormant weeds.

I am grateful for these beacons of brightness that help me hold on to my sanity until spring.


5 thoughts on “Sun on a Stem

      1. Flower, you are definitely on my heart in prayer as you care for your sweet mom. This road is difficult and wearying, but soak up as much as you can of this time with her. May those lists and notes inform you today and one day bring you comfort and a smile.


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